Kyoto University of Art and Design
Asobi: Designing for Play
The following product is a vase that explores play hidden in everyday objects in the form of ‘building blocks’. It aims to encourage users to play with their surroundings and 



レベル was designed based on Asobi principles, which state that design should give the user ability to move or operate freely in a bounded space. With the aim to be absorbing, voluntary and flexible it allows the user to develop their creative thinking and realise their own imagination.

The design encourages the process of joining and rearranging the various rings to create your own personalised structures,thus invoking play in the everyday.
自分の創作物や目的を作り出す ために参加し、

It also grants the possibility to create many variations without limitation.
制限なしに何かを創造する可 能性を与える.

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