Speculative Design 
University of Arts London

Designed with:
Em Argiro
Yingjie Yang
Xiaotian Gu
and PingPing
You may not be aware that you are part of a massive data centre that you never asked to join.

A critical and satirical virtual tour through a gallery of images created from tracked mouse behaviour online.

This exhibition explores the idea of machines gazing at humans and humans then gazing back at the perspectives of machines. "Google's Invisible reCAPTCHA Gallery" is a digital exhibition that visualises and materialises the virtual archive of Invisible reCAPTCHA data into a speculative Google data centre with user profiles and personal data: somewhat a simulation that mimics reality.

 As we walk through the digital rendering of ‘Google’s Data Center’ we may come to notice that the algorithm does not look at people as humans, but rather as data points or suppliers of data.The exhibition intends to analyse and challenge the companies who are competing for user data and raise a question about the boundaries of what can be collected without our knowledge, awareness or consent. It intends to highlight the invasive nature of the Invisible reCaptcha system by placing each user in a multitude of seemingly similar yet different specimens.The artist of each mouse tracking painting becomes an unwilling participant in this massive data centre, which is always open to be exploited and monopolised by Google. Upon a closer look viewers may realise that their online activity becomes Google’s property, entrenched in an enclosed panopticon, constantly monitored, controlled and entrapped.

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