Short Experimental Film 
University of Arts London

A short experimental film that takes you on an atmospheric journey of finding yourself caught up in a strange ritual

Review by Rachael Finney:
“Throughout ‘Into the Ethereal’ Nella Piatek takes the viewer on an atmospheric journey where we find ourselves encountering a sequence of rituals. Divided into three chapters the film poses questions regarding physical and digital traces, haunted objects, and eternal memory. In the films opening scene a painting is revealed to us via an electrical light. Unable to view the image as a whole we merely glimpse portions of the domestic scene depicted. As the light scans the image it is as if Piatek is rediscovering some past activity now held motionless and inert via paint or print. As the film continues we witness only fragments of the artists body as they walk through grass, smooth their hands along door frames, lay their head down atop an empty desk, and browse CDs. Piatek’s slow and sensitive movements are viewed here as gestural echoes repeating those movements and encounters that may have gone before. Piatek’s rumination on eternal traces continues in the closing scenes where we see glimpses of past webpages neither defunct nor fully functioning. Shot in black and white the film appears almost out of time neither past nor present but caught in a loop between the two.”

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